Giiiirrrrrrllllllll, what's going on with Anita Baker?

LAWD, Auntie Anita been trippin' on the Twitters!

So much happened on Monday with her tweets, and then all of a sudden, she's kicking BABYFACE off her "The Songstress" Tour.

Most of the texts were nonsensical, but she's using the excuse that she felt THREATENED by Babyface fans, that she's doing that. To protect herself.


I've seem some rabid stans, but not Babyface's!

Here's Uncle Kenny's response:

He sent the message with a heartbreak emoji on all his social platforms. Which is what people do when people uh...don't do that again, Unc.

This makes her being LATE to her tour about a month ago ... a THING.

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