Beyonce Replacing Lyrics

Our girl got called out for ableist lyrics!

In the song, "Heated," She said, "Spazzin' on that..., spazz on that..."

We learned last month with Lizzo's new album special, that it's actually a term offensive to some disabled folks. "Spastic" is a medical term that refers to a disability that makes it difficult for people to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs. The lyric was criticized and labeled as ableist and offensive on social media.

Here's the great thing though, sometimes we're ignorant to things. And it's not a BAD THING. Ignorance means we don't know. What matters is that when you're presented with new information; you change.

And that's what Bey did. She released a statement saying it will be removed. "The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced." SOURCE


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