If you missed it, NFL Player used a helmet as a weapon during game! [Video]


Yo!! Where do I start? The Browns were dominating the Steelers on Thursday night football and during one play where the defensive player Myles Garrett from the Browns gets to Quarterback Mason Rudolph a scuffle starts while on the ground. The ball was already out of Rudolph's hand so there was some unnecessary roughness and no flag was called. Myles could have got away with the hit but he decides to grab a hold of Mason Rudolph's helmet and yanks it off. Mason could have just let it go but goes at Myles and this dude decides to swing the helmet at Mason and hits him on top of his head and knocks him down. WTF!? This guy did this on National Television and it was so unnecessary. Some of the Steelers players come over to help and also throw some punches and even a kick to the head of Myles Garrett. Not sure what the punishment should be but he shouldn't be able to step foot on a football field for the rest of the season.

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