Would you suspend this fan for LIFE if he did this at a Game? [Watch]

I seen this LIVE and was wondering why the hell would you do this? Logan Ryan is a real G for holding his composure.Then I put myself in that fans position. I'm at my favorites teams home opening game, got great seats and my team is getting their asses kicked after a having OBJ and Baker Mayfield. Yes, I would probably have the same emotions to spill beer on another team, in that moment. Ok, I'm just playing. The Browns ended up losing 43-13. I really do hope this guy gets banned for life, this shit is not acceptable at any Venue. Logan Ryan is right, if that ever happens then they should not get in trouble if they retaliate. That should teach them never to do that again! Others think that he brought it upon himself and it violates leagues rules to jump into the opponent stands. Listen to Logan about the incident.

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