Chesapeake Walmart Re-opening This Month Following Mass Shooting

Six People Killed In Shooting At Walmart In Chesapeake, Virginia

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Chesapeake, VA Walmart will reopen to the public on April 19th.

November 22, 2022, is a day no one can forget. An employee, Andre Bing, opened fire inside the breakroom in the store killing six of his co-workers and then killing himself. Since the shooting, the store has undergone significant design changes. One of those changes is an outdoor memorial honoring the six lives lost during the horrific shooting:

  • 38-year-old Brian Pendleton of Chesapeake
  • 70-year-old Randy Blevins of Chesapeake
  • 52-year-old Kellie Pyle of Chesapeake
  • 43-year-old Lorenzo Gamble of Chesapeake
  • 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson of Portsmouth
  • 16-year-old Fernando Chavez-Barron of Chesapeake
Vigil Held In Chesapeake, Virginia To Remember Victims Of Walmart Shooting

Photo: Getty Images

The upgraded site will include expanded shopping options, engaging displays, interactive features, and more.

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