Chick-fil-A Ultimate 'Cheat Code' Beverage Hack Goes Viral

Inside a Chick-Fil-A Restaurant As Consumer Spending & GDP Rose in 4th Quarter

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A Chick-fil-A beverage hack has gone viral on social media.

Chef and social media star Bo Corley shared a photo of what he called a "Chick-fil-A Cheat Code," featuring a red beverage that he said was a mix of "half Lemonade half Hi-C fruit punch" that he claimed was "better than the Sunjoy."

A Facebook user posted a comment asking Corley how the drink tasted.

"It's like a strawberry lemonade but super balance," Corley responded. "It's all in order here drink wise lol takes whiskey well to[o]."

Several Facebook commenters appeared to agree with Corley.

“I’ve been getting it since high school it’s all I get actually really good,” one user commented.

"My favorite that's the only way I drink it," another wrote.

Several others said they planned to try the drink after discovering Corley's ;post.

"Gotta try it," one user wrote.

"Oh! I'm going to try that!" another wrote.

Several other social media users had previously shared their own Chick-fil-A menu item hacks including TikTok user @arias_thingz, who works at the fast food chain and revealed how to make a "frosted soda."

“You can also frost any soda,” she said. “Frosted Dr. Pepper, amazing. Frosted Sprite, amazing. Frosted orange Fanta, tastes like an Orange dreamsicle, amazing.”

She also suggested that her followers order a "strip sandwich," which includes chicken strips as a substitution for the classic chicken patty in a sandwich bun.

“I always kinda worry when I’m ordering a regular chicken sandwich that even though most of the time they’re going to be really good, occasionally they’re going to be, they didn’t pound it hard enough or the breading’s not even, it’s really thick on one side, really thin on the other, it’s not going to be 100% consistent quality all of the time,” she explained.

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