Are you watching "SWV & XSCAPE: QUEENS OF R&B?"

I prefaced this last week, but SWV & Xscape have a new show on Bravo and it's EVERYTHING ALREADY. The Second episode just aired this past Sunday!

I'm not a Bravo person, like you won't catch me watching any of the Housewives, but I'm 100% in for this show. I grew up on SWV and Xscape! I LOVE TAJ and I'm so happy to see her flourishing! haha

Well, in the first episode, not to spoil anything, there's ALREADY drama and it's coming from ... XSCAPE (shocker). And which members?

THE SUSTAS!!! *gasp*

If you haven't seen that episode yet, Bravo has BOTH episodes available to watch, in full, for free on Youtube. I'll help you out. Here's the first episode!

Enjoy, I won't tell your boss you're enjoying it at work!

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