Youngkin's Plans to Erase American History

This guy.

This guy won on the "eViL CrT." He scared white folks into believing that... *shrugs* I don't know. That Kindergarteners were being taught that white people were bad? It worked though and white folks were saved from...learning...American...History?

It's still strange to me

Anyway, the CRT TIP LINE (lol) was dumped in September quietly because... *SPOILER* none of this stuff exists. BUT, he has proposed STANDARDS for K-5 Social Studies. It removes MLK and the Civil Rights Movement from Social Studies entirely. BUT AT LEAST THE KIDS CAN LEARN ABOUT CONFEDERATE GENERALS WHO WANTED TO KEEP SLAVERY, BUT LOST THE WAR.

The proposal also calls Native Americans "America's First Immigrants" which is DISRESPECTFUL, wrong, disgusting, etc etc

Sounds like...fascism.

Click here for the proposed Standards.

If you're like me and concerned that the VA Department of Education would do a disservice to the children of VA by imposing this nonsense, Email MEGAN PEREZ:

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