This Is The Best Bar Food In Virginia

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A Virginia Beach restaurant is being credited for having the best bar food in Virginia.

Eat This, Not That compiled a nationwide list ranking the bar food in each state, which included Repeal Bourbons and Burgers as the top choice for Virginia.

"Repeal Bourbons and Burgers in Virginia Beach has a menu that is out of this world," Eat This, Not That's Brittany Natale wrote. "Tasty comfort foods like bourbon beer cheese and American nachos join more upscale bar noshes such as tempura fried mushrooms and Caprese with balsamic glaze. The must-have, though, is the Fire and Brimstone burger, which is a grilled patty layered with melted jack cheese, tabasco onion strings, fire-roasted habanero chutney, and a spicy sriracha aioli."

Here is Eat This, Not That's full list of the best bar food in every state:

  1. Alabama- Paramount Bar (Birmingham)
  2. Alaska- Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse (Anchorage)
  3. Arizona- The Kettle Black Kitchen and Pub (Phoenix)
  4. Arkansas- Cork and Keg (Fayetteville)
  5. California- Library Bar (Los Angeles)
  6. Colorado- My Brother's Bar (Denver)
  7. Connecticut- Elm City Social (New Haven)
  8. Delaware- The Copper Dram (Greenville)
  9. Florida- The Gnarly Barley (Orlando)
  10. Georgia- Thrill Korean Steak and Bar (Atlanta)
  11. Hawaii- Osoyami Bar and Grill (Honolulu)
  12. Idaho- The Bee's Knees Pub and Catering Co. (Idaho Falls)
  13. Illinois- The Little Bad Wolf (Chicago)
  14. Indiana- Gallery Pastry Bar (Indianapolis)
  15. Iowa- The High Life Lounge (Des Moines)
  16. Kansas- The Anchor (Wichita)
  17. Kentucky- Hammerheads (Louisville)
  18. Louisiana- The Avenue Pub (New Orleans)
  19. Maine- The Thirsty Pig (Portland)
  20. Maryland- Happy Hour Heaven (Baltimore)
  21. Massachusetts- Bostonia Public House (Boston)
  22. Michigan- Honest John's Bar and Grill (Detroit)
  23. Minnesota- The Red Cow (Minneapolis)
  24. Mississippi- Pig and Pint (Jackson)
  25. Missouri- The Peanut (Kansas City)
  26. Montana- Bridger Brewing (Bozeman)
  27. Nebraska- Dinkers Bar and Grill (Omaha)
  28. Nevada- Bar Code Burger Bar (Las Vegas)
  29. New Hampshire- Backyard Brewery (Manchester)
  30. New Jersey- Pilsner Haus and Biergarten (Hoboken)
  31. New Mexico- Fire and Hops (Santa Fe)
  32. New York- Bar Goto (New York City)
  33. North Carolina- The Cardinal Bar (Raleigh)
  34. North Dakota- JL Beers (Fargo)
  35. Ohio- Arch City Tavern (Columbus)
  36. Oklahoma- The Jones Assembly (Oklahoma City)
  37. Oregon- Slow Bar (Portland)
  38. Pennsylvania- Good Dog Bar (Philadelphia)
  39. Rhode Island- Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant (Newport)
  40. South Carolina- Local Cue (Greenville)
  41. South Dakota- Independent Ale House (Rapid City)
  42. Tennessee- Stock and Barrel (Knoxville)
  43. Texas- Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar (Plano)
  44. Utah- Purgatory Bar (Salt Lake City)
  45. Vermont- Mule Bar (Winooski)
  46. Virginia- Repeal Bourbons and Burgers (Virginia Beach)
  47. Washington- Some Random Bar (Seattle)
  48. West Virginia- Iron Horse Tavern (Morgantown)
  49. Wisconsin- Swingin' Door Exchange (Milwaukee)
  50. Wyoming- Accomplice Brewery (Cheyenne)

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