This Is The Best Brunch Spot In Virginia

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A Harrisonburg restaurant with multiple other locations is being credited as having the best brunch spot in Virginia. compiled a nationwide list ranking the restaurants with the best brunch spot in every state, which included The Little Grill Collective as the top choice for Virginia.

"Worker-owned Little Grill Collective is consistently rated as a top local breakfast spot," Love Food wrote. "With a cracking range of pancake options to choose from, such as lemon and poppy seed, blueberry and banana or buttermilk, it's no surprise customers keep coming back for seconds. Add maple syrup, chocolate chips and blueberries and you’ve got yourself a stellar breakfast."

Here is Love Food's full list of the best dish in every state:

  1. Alabama- Five Bar (Birmingham; multiple locations)
  2. Alaska- Snow City Cafe (Anchorage)
  3. Arizona- Prep & Pastry (Tucson and Scottsdale)
  4. Arkansas- The Root Cafe (Little Rock)
  5. California- Sqirl (Los Angeles)
  6. Colorado- Snooze (Denver; multiple locations)
  7. Connecticut- Harborview (Bridgeport)
  8. Delaware- Angelo's Luncheonette (Wilmington)
  9. Florida- Honey Uninhibited (Miami)
  10. Georgia- Home grown GA (Atlanta)
  11. Hawaii- Leonard's Bakery (Honolulu)
  12. Idaho- Goldy's Breakfast Bistro (Boise)
  13. Illinois- Tre Kronor (Chicago)
  14. Indiana- Milktooth (Indianapolis)
  15. Iowa- St. Kilda (Des Moines)
  16. Kansas- WheatFields Bakery (Lawrence)
  17. Kentucky- Gralehaus (Louisville)
  18. Louisiana- Commander's Palace (New Orleans)
  19. Maine- Palace Diner (Biddleford)
  20. Maryland- Woodberry Kitchen (Baltimore)
  21. Massachusetts- Maison Villatte (Falmouth)
  22. Michigan- Dime Store (Detroit)
  23. Minnesota- Hell's Kitchen (Minneapolis)
  24. Mississippi- Big Bad Breakfast (Oxford)
  25. Missouri- Rooster (St. Louis)
  26. Montana- Echo Lake Cafe (Bigfork)
  27. Nebraska- Saddle Creek Breakfast Club (Omaha)
  28. Nevada- AmeriBrunch Cafe (Las Vegas)
  29. New Hampshire- Polly's Pancake Parlor (Sugar Hill)
  30. New Jersey- Tops Diner (East Newark)
  31. New Mexico- Frontier (Albuquerque)
  32. New York- Buvette (New York City)
  33. North Carolina- Sunny Point Café (Asheville)
  34. North Dakota- BernBaum's (Fargo)
  35. Ohio- Fox in the Snow (Columbus)
  36. Oklahoma- Neighborhood Jam (Various locations)
  37. Oregon- Screen Door (Portland)
  38. Pennsylvania- Café La Maude (Philadelphia)
  39. Rhode Island- Nick's on Broadway (Providence)
  40. South Carolina- Millers All Day (Charleston)
  41. South Dakota- Tally's Silver Spoon (Rapid City)
  42. Tennessee- Biscuit Love (Nashville)
  43. Texas- Maple Leaf Diner (Dallas)
  44. Utah- Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade (Salt Lake City)
  45. Vermont- Sugar and Spice (Mendon)
  46. Virginia- The Little Grill Collective (Harrisonburg)
  47. Washington- Camber Flagship Cafe (Bellingham)
  48. West Virginia- Omelet Shoppe (Beckley; various locations)
  49. Wisconsin- Brunch (Milwaukee and Brookfield)
  50. Wyoming- Persephone Bakery (Jackson and Wilson)

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