Patients At Virginia Kroger Clinic Given Empty COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

Multiple patients scheduled to receive a COVID-19 vaccine were administered shots with empty syringes at a Kroger in Virginia on Thursday (March 11.)

A Kroger spokesperson confirmed to ABC 8 News that The Little Clinic located on Midlothian Turnpike mistakenly administered the shots to "less than 10" people under the belief that the syringes were filled prior to the appointments.

The spokesperson also said a previous statement made by the grocery chain about the syringes being filled with saline was incorrect after representatives investigated the incident.

The Virginia Department of Health confirmed it was immediately contacted by Kroger once the store realized its mistake.

"Kroger responded by contacting the individuals impacted," the department confirmed to ABC 8 News. "There were no harmful risks related to the syringes used. VDH has weekly meetings with pharmacy partners.”

All patients were administered a shot with an empty syringe were called back to the clinic to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. The Kroger spokesperson confirmed to ABC 8 News that the grocery chain has continued to work with the Virginia Department of Health in relation to the incident.

Kroger also said The Little Clinic employees were retrained to give vaccines after the incident was addressed.

"We apologize for this oversight and the inconvenience caused for these customers," Kroger said in a statement obtained by ABC 8 News.

Photo: Getty Images

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