Big Sean Gets X-Rated — Raps About His Sex Life With Ex Jhene Aiko

Well, Big Sean surely didn't mince words when rapping about his sex life with his ex-girlfriend Jhené Aiko.

For the "Triggered" singer's latest single, "None Of Your Concern," she enlisted the help of her Sean, who she dated for about two years. On the emotional record, the two reflected on their relationship and the aftermath of their split with Sean going into great detail about their bedroom antics.

Jhené kicked things off, pouring her heart out on the soft beat, singing: "I been contemplating, meditating/ Should have waited/ Should have never dated/ You seem irritated/ Baby, why you never say it?/ Isn't this worth saving?/ I can feel you fading off/ We're not gonna make it long/ Guess you can not take it/ Guess it's worth saying."

She later added, "I been hearing things and seeing things And so it seems you're moving on from me Caught you on the scene With little miss thing And trust me, she really don't want beef That's besides the point I'm disappointed as a homie What is it you see? I want better for you, moving forward What's better for you than me?"

Sean then came in at the fourth verse, rapping about wanting the best for Jhené, and explaining their deep connection. However, after few emotional bars, the "Single Again" rapper got X-rated, rapping: "I made you c*m 9 times in one day/ Your two lips should come in a vase/ You rode my face, I realized you look as good as you taste/ Fingers all in your mouth, I'm grabbing you up /And d*cking you down and grabbing your waist/ Your room is my only escape/ I guess that's none of your concern."

Twitter, of course, had the best reactions to Sean's descriptive bars. Check out a few of the funny ones below.

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