The Best 2019 Super Bowl Commercials to Look Out For

Lucky Jersey, CHECK. Snacks, CHECK. The best tv commercials of the year, CHECK!

Super Bowl commercials are in their own league and each year the entertainment value cranks up. Makes sense considering advertisers are paying more than $5 million dollars for at least 30 seconds on the small screen. Most Super Bowl commercials tend to lean more toward the humor side, opting for a lighthearted break from what can be a very intense game.

“There’s a movement toward more humor than usual and a lighter tone,” Marketing professor, Charles Taylor said. “Advertisers are picking up on the fact that consumers are not wanting statements that cross into the political.”

You will however see some less humor, more meaningful ads thrown in the mix.

If you’ve been on the internet in the past week, you’ve no doubt seen some early commercial releases. A Doritos ad with Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys made a splash that I personally was not mentally ready for. Way too much goodness in one.

That wasn’t all. Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw returned with another show stopping outfit, Cardi B gave us an entrance to die for and Microsoft just may make you leak tears of joy.

Check out these Super Bowl commercials to keep an eye on!


Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this hilarious horror movie parody where she gets into a doozy while running from a killer. Her phone’s facial recognition won’t unlock! Be careful using Olay products, they’ll make you unrecognizable.


Backstreet Boys, Chance the Rapper and Flamin’ Hot Nachos!? Now this is the kind of content I like to see.

Michelob Ultra

Zoe Kravitz will instantly ease you in this soft whisper, ASMR, “autonomous sensory meridian response,” style video.

Stella Artois

The ad is titled ‘Change up the Usual,’ and it could no be more correct. Carrie Bradshaw didn’t order her usual Cosmopolitan and “The Dude” said no to a White Russian!? What’s going on!?


The tech company is doing their part to make dreams come true for disabled children wanting a more adaptive video game experience. Xbox will now have a controller aimed at assisting players with mobility limitations.


The car company is here to shatter all of your preconceptions just like Antoinette “Toni” Harris, a woman playing football at a California college.


Our fav two Broad City girls, Harrison Ford, and Forest Whitaker star in this hilarious ad for Amazon where we see a lot of products that didn’t make their cut.


This ad is on the hush hush until game day, however expect 2 minutes featuring over 40 popular NFL players, past and present.


In the 60-second spot titled "More Than OK," a customer orders a Coke at a retro-styled diner and is interrupted by Steve Carrell when the waiter asks if a Pepsi is a suitable replacement. To drive the message home, Lil Jon and Cardi B appear in the commercial to offer their signature delivery of "Okay!"

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