Warren Sapp Denies Sexual Harassment Claims, Has Twitter Meltdown

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"No way, no how." 

That's how former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp responds to claims that he sexually harassed a co-worker at the NFL Network. 

Sapp sat down with 940WINZ Radio's Andy Slater Wednesday, and claimed he had very little contact with wardrobe stylist Jami Cantor, who alleges that he showed her pictures of naked women, gave her “sex toys as Christmas gifts three years in a row,”  talked about his bedroom activities and used the restroom in her presence. 

He was fired from the NFL Network in 2015 after his arrest on unrelated prostitution and assault charges.

"I’m still tying to figure out where’s the sexual harassment?” Sapp told radio host Slater.

Sapp didn’t dispute that there was an incident with Cantor in the restroom, but he does not agree with all of the alleged details.  “I did walk in the bathroom, but I did not urinate in front of her,” he said. 

Sapp also said the sex toys he brought in were after a “general conversation” when a couple makeup artists saw the devices in a magazine and requested that Sapp bring them some.

Furthermore, Sapp admitted it was possible he showed Cantor a picture of a woman he was dating at the time, although Sapp said that woman would have had a bikini on and wasn’t fully naked.

“Where is the harassment at?” he asked. “I’m the notorious one. I’m always the bad guy. That’s why I’m in here today. Ain’t no #metoo, nothing. No sexual harassment. You are not going to put that on me.”

Sapp, a Hall of Fame defensive lineman, was one of the NFL Network's top talents before he was fired.


Sapp also had somewhat of a Twitter meltdown on Wednesday, that ended with him repeatedly tweeting out pictures of the sex toys in defense to the allegations against him:

You can view the NSFW tweets on WIOD

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